Enjoy Thanksgiving Weekend with LuxRyde:

With Thanksgiving approaching, most New Yorkers are looking forward to three things: a delicious Thanksgiving feast, a fun family get-together and a 4-day weekend away from the office.
If you’re staying in New York City this year, you may be searching for a few activities and events that are geared for the holiday season. HereVisit thanksgiving Venue with LIMO service are three ways you can enjoy Thanksgiving in NYC with family, friends and loved ones while setting a festive tone for the rest of the year. If you are nearer to event area means you are lucky, if you distant from the event location, don’t worry LuxRyde is here to help you with Luxurious LIMO service in your city.

Harlem Week

Yes, it’s wonderful moments there are waiting for you. You must have planned to visit there with your loving kids. Its over headed going to start soon. Let’s make plan to visit there with LuxRyde LIMO service is here to make your ride decent.

What began in 1974 as a one-day tribute to Harlem has evolved over four decades into a month long celebration of the community’s rich economic, political and cultural history. Things kick off on July 28 with “A Great Day in Harlem” and reach a fever pitch during the bursting-at-the-seams weekend of events held under the banner of “Summer in the City” and “Harlem Day,” including an auto show, children’s festival, small-business expo, fashion show, educational fair, outdoor film screening and a dancing-in-the-street party. And on the final day of this celebration (August 24), there’s the Percy Sutton 5K Run.

Brooklyn Roots Festival    Book Your Ride Now!

Prospect Park Alliance and the Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC) present the Brooklyn Roots Festival. This folk arts festival celebrates Brooklyn’s traditional artists and immigrant communities through a daylong schedule of performances, workshops, interactive family activities, and more.

Would you like join this? Have you taken ticket for this or got registered for your presence? Yes, LuxRyde is here with decent LIMO service to enjoy with you.

NYC Waterfight 2019 (Central Park)

New York City’s annual Central Park waterfight returns with a permit. Bring your own watergun/super soaker and water. Starts at high noon.

Bring your watergun/super soaker, water (recommended), and friends. A fun annual tradition of dousing strangers with water while you run around like little kids. Or make it your own wet t-shirt contest. Whatever. Just remember that you have to take responsibility for your own mess and safety (insert legalese disclaimer here).

All these events are just an example, you just think to make fun visit we are here to make this descent with LuxRyde LIMO service a wonderful limo ride to venue. Hire LIMOs on all special events.

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